High Performance, Application-Specific H.S.S.E. Taps

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Rugged and dependable, HSSE taps are designed for machinists who often work with troublesome, challenging materials. Manufactured to handle even the toughest tapping applications, our premium high speed steel taps provide greater wear resistance and increased tool life. As a result, metalworkers have come to depend on HSSE taps from Allen Benjamin to deliver lasting, reliable results.

Materials and HSSE taps

Engineered to tap even the toughest materials, HSSE taps are manufactured with premium high speed steel, a steel that contains a higher concentration of cobalt and vanadium. This increased concentration lends HSSE taps enhanced resistance to wear and, more importantly, results in a longer than average tool life.

HSSE taps from Allen Benjamin

Allen Benjamin makes selecting the correct tap for your application easy. By color coding every tap, we afford our customers the convenience of simply grabbing a tap based on its color. With six color rings available – black, white, yellow, green, blue and red – we have coded every tap to a specific application and designed our HSSE taps to address those applications directly, from their hardness range to their characteristics.

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Spiral Flute Pipe TapsSpecifically designed and engineered to handle the most demanding pipe tapping applications for NPT and NPTF thread forms!

  • Made from HSSE premium high speed steel.
  • Suited for application-specific tapping of NPT/NPTF pipe threads in a range of materials.
  • Manufactured to Table 311 standard pipe tap dimensions for straight and taper styles.
  • Designed with standard projection length.

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