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Carbide Taps from Allen BenjaminDesigned to offer superior strength, carbide taps are essential to maintaining high rates of production. Because of their durability, they contribute to lower production costs, higher productivity and longer tool life. Affording manufacturers a more dependable, more cost-efficient solution to their tapping needs, carbide insert taps, which are typically used in place of solid carbide in diameters exceeding ½” or M12, have been a mainstay in the metalworking industry for many years.

Materials and Carbide Taps

Carbide taps are highly efficient when tapping very abrasive metals, including space-age alloys, exotic materials, aluminum and non-ferrous metals. Exhibiting a much higher tensile strength than traditional – or standard – taps, they have long been the go-to solution for metalworkers that need to work with difficult materials.

Carbide Taps From Allen Benjamin

Allen Benjamin’s carbide taps provide a substantial increase in performance and tool life over HSS – or high speed steel – taps. As a result, our customers experience longer tool life and, due to this, reduced production costs that help to contribute to higher profits and a more efficient line.

Styles of Carbide Taps Available

  • Carbide Straight Flute taps
  • Carbide Spiral Point taps
  • Carbide S.T.I. (Screw Thread Insert) taps
  • Carbide Metric taps
  • "PRX" and "PRC" Carbide Taps for tough, challenging applications
  • Carbide Multi-Flute taps for tapping plastic, resins, fiberglass and like materials
  • Carbide Pipe Taps
  • Carbide Thread Forming Taps
  • Carbide Insert taps with HSS tap bodies
  • Special, Made-to-Order Carbide taps

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