How to Choose Between Premium High-Speed Steel and Carbide Taps

Carbide Taps

When it comes to high-quality carbide taps, Allen Benjamin is the industry’s go-to source. But, in addition to carbide, did you know that we also offer premium high-speed steel taps? With both materials having benefits and drawbacks, it can be difficult to determine which is best for your application. Are you cutting exotic alloys? Do you suspect that you’ll need increased durability and longevity? Will you be using your taps for a short- or long-run project? In today’s post, we’re going to give you a few tips that should help you choose the right tap materials for your application.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Allen Benjamin’s Carbide Taps and Tap Extensions

Tap Extensions

Allen Benjamin offers a comprehensive line of carbide taps, tap extensions, HSSE taps, and additional essentials. With the convenience of ordering online or working with one of our industrial distributors, we make shopping for high-quality taps simple. More importantly, all of our products are engineered to stand up to the rigors of your application. If you’re looking for a product that delivers longer tool life, precision threading, consistent thread form finishes, and higher cutting edge wear resistance, you can be confident that you’re in the right place. In today’s post, we’re going to provide answers to a few of our most commonly asked questions.

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About the Different Types of Carbide Taps and When to Use Them


Carbide taps have a lot of advantages, especially when you’re cutting very abrasive materials. The absolute best choice for tapping glass-filled polycarbonates, space age alloys, nonferrous materials, cast iron, and a range of other exotic materials, their anti-friction qualities lead to a longer tool life. Because of this, you’ll require fewer replacements, less downtime, and increased productivity. The durability, flexibility, and longevity of carbide taps is unparalleled, allowing you – and your employees – to focus on what’s important: getting the job done.

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Using Carbide Taps Can Increase Rates of Production and Performance

Carbide Taps

If you’re cutting extremely abrasive material, we’re confident that you’ve already investigated the benefits of carbide taps. Whether you’re tapping cast aluminum, nonferrous materials, polymers, cast iron, or any number of other materials, carbide taps offer better edge wear resistance and, more importantly, help to reduce downtime and increase profitability. As an ISO 9001:2008 registered manufacturer, Allen Benjamin is absolutely committed to offering the best taps on the market. In today’s post, we’re going to look at a few of the benefits of using our carbide and high-performance taps.

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Use Smart Cut Tapping Fluid to Extend the Life of Your Carbide Taps

Carbide Taps

If you’re running a high volume operation, you’re undoubtedly worried about the service life of your carbide taps. Whether you’re machining standard materials like stainless and carbon steel or you’re working more difficult materials like Inconel and titanium, the lifespan of your taps impacts your machine’s efficiency, your employee’s productivity, and – most importantly – your profitability. In today’s post, we’re going to take a closer look at the benefits of using Smart Cut tapping fluid to reduce equipment strain and extend the life of your operation’s taps.

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The Ring is the Thing—and Allen Benjamin Has an Extra One for High Performance Taps

Allen Benjamin Has High Performance HSSE Color-Ring Taps

World class athletes gather to perform over the next 16 days.  Nations don’t just send anyone to represent them, they choose their best.

The same is true in your shop when you are reaching for world class performance.  Standard taps are designed with many materials in mind, but when you tackle the tough to machine materials, the performance of just any tap won’t cut it. 

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Order Essential Carbide Taps and Metric Taps Online and with Confidence

Carbide Taps

If you're in the market for high tensile strength carbide taps and metric taps, we can assure you that you're in the right place. Not only is Allen Benjamin a leading supplier of the industry's most durable, longest lasting carbide taps, we offer our customers the convenience of ordering online. In this day and age, we believe that quick access and top-notch customer services are critical. Whether you're ordering through and industrial distributor or right from this website, you can count on receiving the same great service and – more importantly – the same industry-leading products. In today's post, we're going to look at why it is beneficial to order your carbide taps from Allen Benjamin.

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Machinability - Ingredients for Success!

Machinability - Ingredients for Success!

A wise man once said, “90% of the time, when a tool fails, the problem is not the tool!”  When his wisdom was questioned, he shared that tool manufacturers rarely know how their tools will be used.

When a tap leaves the building, the manufacturer is no longer in control of the product.  Details the customer influences, such as material, machinery used, operator skill, speeds and feeds, and coolants and lubricants used, are a big part of the picture not often known.  Even if all the participants had access to this information, variation and tolerance in all of those details would still muddy the waters.

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Carbide Forming Taps - Tougher than Nails!

Carbide Forming Taps - Tougher than Nails!

Consider the basics of forming thread; ductile material, higher speeds to encourage uniform flow of material as it is displaced by the tap, larger hole size, and good lubrication. If the materials are generally soft enough to form, why would one need to use a hard material like carbide to do the same job as Hi-speed Steel? What would justify the increased cost of tool?

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When & Why to Use Carbide Taps

If you're using high speed taps to cut into a very abrasive material, switching to carbide taps could have many advantages for you. Carbide taps are most effective in tapping highly abrasive materials including cast iron, polymers, glass-filled polycarbonates, some cast aluminum, space age alloys, and nonferrous materials. The high anti-friction feature of carbide taps allows for a longer tool life. So although the initial cost for carbide taps is more than for steel taps, you'll end up saving money over the long-run. Carbide also offers excellent cutting-edge wear resistance. You may also experience less downtime due to fewer tooling changes, which also ends up saving you money in the long-run.

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